Food is Life

Catering Services

Our menus from around the world include the finest vegan cuisines, gluten-free and strictly organic options. Whether you are planning a wedding, a business meeting, fundraiser, reception, family gathering, B'nai Mitzvah, or any other occasion, we can meet your catering needs. VegetarianWay offers elegant catering for all occasions with customized menus to meet your budget. 

Including but not limited to:

  • Backyard Parties
  • Brunches 
  • Corporate Events & Meetings 
  • Garden Parties 
  • Tea Parties 
  • Retreats [Spiritual & Meditation]
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby & Bridal Showers
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Graduations
  • Holiday Parties
  • Memorials
  • Weddings

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Private Chef Services

Healthy and vibrant vegan food takes time and passion, but dedication to work or family shouldn't keep you from enjoying great food at home. Let the Personal chefs of VegetarianWay handle the meal preparation right in your kitchen using local organic and seasonal ingredients. 

Specializing in plant-based diets, we innovate vegan meals to gourmet cuisine. Being animal friendly or following a specialty diet shouldn't mean a lack of flavor or decadence. Whether your needs are raw, gluten free, low-fat or dairy-free, our chefs deliver the same level of home-cooked goodness. 

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Food Handlers Certification Course

Why you Need It?

VegetarianWay offers Food Handler Certification Courses to provide food handlers with the knowledge of safe food handling practices to prevent food-borne illness. In June 2006, City Council passed a bylaw requiring Food Handler certification for Food Handlers in the food and beverage industry, came into effect on September 1, 2006. The bylaw requires that the owner/operator of food establishments ensure that there is, at all times when the establishment is operating, at least one (1) certified Food Handler working in a supervisory capacity in each area of the premises where food is prepared, processed, served, packaged or stored.

About Course?

Learn essential food safety skills with focus on food-borne illness causes and prevention methods.

Recommended for anyone that serves food to others. 

  • 30 hours on in class course
  • 2 hours to complete exam
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • Passing grade 70%
  • Certificates emailed to student immediately after passing exam
  • Certificates can be saved as pdf file for re-printing (no lost certificates!)
  • Certificates valid for 5 years

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Seed to Plate Cooking Program

Our purpose at VegetarianWay is to educate children, youth and community members about environmental, physical and social health through the motto food is life.  We believe that showing children where their food comes from in the garden and how to prepare it in the kitchen, will lead them to be connected to their environment and their own health.  Cooking with children has been shown to benefit children by boosting their self-esteem, practice math, reading and following directions skills while encouraging creativity.  But more important, it provides time for children to interact with food personally and learn about the difference between process foods and natural, healthy foods.

We provide a variety of environmental education opportunities including youth and adult cooking programs, educational workshops on food safety all in a fun and exciting environment. VegetarianWay's cooking programs are here to help youth learn, play and discover a whole new world right in their own backyard, as well as engage the parents to actively apply there new knowledge at home!

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