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Recipe Of The Month

Vegan Appetiser:

A thick cut potatoe chip as a base for a chiffonade - battered purple cabbage, topped with daiya cheese & fresh lime-orange juice soaked kale, drizzled with sorrel-molasses glaze.

This appetiser can easily be turned into dinner by alternatively using seasoned roasted fingerling potatoes and steamed kale.

Yield: 5-7 appetisers

- 1 large Yukon gold potato
- 1 cup of shredded purple cabbage
- 100 grams or daiya cheese
- 30 ml of molasses
- 20 ml of sorrel
- 100 grams of cane sugar
- 2 kale leaves
- 1 lime zest & juice
- 1 orange zest & juice
- 50 ml of soy sauce
- 1/4 cup of flour
- 1/4 cup of coconut milk or olive oil
- seasonings (onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, sea salt, cumin powder)
- oil for frying

1. Slice kale into small strips. Add it to a small bowl with the lime zest & juice and orange zest & half the juice. Combine and let sit until ready to plate.
2. Heat up the molasses, sugar, and sorrel  in a pan on medium to low heat until the mixture becomes thick like a glaze. 
3. While the glaze is thickening, take your shredded cabbage and soak it in the other half of orange juice, and the soy sauce. 
4. While the cabbage is soaking, heat up a frying pan with some oil on medium to low heat. 
5. Make the dry flour mixture. combine your dry seasonings into a bowl. Then separate your cabbage mixture from its liquid and add to the flour mixture. Combine/toss until the cabbage is fully coated. Add to the frying pan without over crowding the pan. *A deep fryer works well for this too.*
6. Cut your potato in thick slices, about 1 cm thick and coat with the cabbage mixture liquid. Then fry until cooked, but not super soft.
7. Now that everything is cooked, you are ready to assemble. First lay the potato chip, then the crispy cabbage, then the daiya cheese (ad this stage you can torch the cheese to let it melt), then add a small piece of your soaked kale leaf, and to top it off drizzle your sorrel-molasses glaze (if the glaze is too thick to drizzle, heat it up a little and add a touch or sorrel).

Next Month's Recipe:

Peanut Butter flavoured lentil and chick pea stew with carrots and choy sum leafy greens on a bed of fried eggplant battered and crusted with oats, cornmeal & plantain flour, sided by a broiled bbq-cinnamon kabocha squash.