Food is Life

Who We Are

At Vegetarianway we are currently focused on providing excellent catering services with the highest regard for customer satisfaction.


Our Story,

Our story began with the partnership of siblings, Ajani and Aziza Brown-Bonsu. Both attended Humber College for Culinary Arts Apprenticeship program. Aziza later graduated with an addition in Culinary Management the following year.

Feeling like underdogs within their classes, being the only vegetarians were a challenge when it came to tasting and perfecting recipes for assignments and exams. Their hunger for a voice, a change in curriculum offering more diverse courses, sparked the idea of starting a vegan/vegetarian movement within the food industry. 

They decided to continue their culinary education by working for five plus years in restaurants, banquet halls, hotels, conference centres, on food trucks and in many more professional kitchens. Their hope was to use the knowledge and skills gained throughout the years, to transform a meat based menu, to suit a vegan/vegetarian diet.

Over the years we have build a clientele in which allowed us to combine our ethnic Jamaican experiences with Mexican, European, Japanese, Korean, African and South Asian cultures and cuisines. We aim to share those experiences through creative mediums, as well as supporting our peers and local economy. We have teamed up with artists to provide food for their shows and events, in the future we would like to put on collaborative events with local artists and creatives.

We have catered for about 90+ events and programs within the GTA since 2013. Today we are a social enterprise with 3 years of catering experience, our story continues as we expand our network, recipes and your lifestyle. VegetarianWay changes lifestyles, the vegetarian way.